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Project SPARTA

project Sparta

Project Smarter Philippines through Data Analytics, R&D, Training, and Adoption (SPARTA) aims to enable the ​data science and analytics industry and foster smart governance by establishing online education, R&D ​mechanisms, and infrastructure to train 30,000 learners.

Project SPARTA website:

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I was a scholar of the Project Smarter Philippines through Data Analytics, R&D, ​Training, and Adoption (SPARTA) by the Development Academy of the ​Philippines (DAP) and other government agencies. This transformative journey ​allowed me to develop proficiency in essential data analysis tools like Python, ​SQL, and Excel, and to learn various data manipulation techniques. Through ​Project SPARTA, I honed my data analysis and machine learning skills, which I ​now use in cybersecurity to detect patterns and foresee risks, making me a more ​well-rounded professional.

Tools Utilized in this Program






R Programming

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Data Scientist Pathway Completion Certificate